About us

Design America is the only one-stop-shop solution for customers ceramic tiles needs. Located in Montreal, Canada, staffed with an experienced personnel, and equipped with modern machinery, Our company is committed to giving our customers the best service at the most competitive price and in the quickest delivery time. Under this same roof, we will create and print unique exclusive decors on tiles; cut and mount mosaics; cut tiles down to size; overglaze tiles, and cut, shape and glaze bullnoses.

How do we get started

After our initial contact, we either meet or work through emails and phone conversations to go over the details of your needs: size; style; colors and costs, as well as any details which are deemed important and necessary for the completion of the design. We then prepare an estimate of the cost, delays, and conditions. Once you return the estimate signed, we start working.


How long does it take to complete a design

Each design is unique and custom-made, therefore time delays might vary. You will receive a preliminary design within the week following the receipt of your signed estimate. Once you approve the preliminary sample, we will give you a time schedule and cost of the working sample. Design America is here to help you satisfy all the needs your customers may have. Bring us your projects, your ideas and let our team second you through the project.

We are known for

Creating design and printing decors:
Our team of designers create exclusive decors. We develop design patterns for floor and wall tile,backsplashes, trims, rosone,… with an imaginative blend of style and inspiration.

Cutting and mounting:
We cut and mesh-mount mosaics in different shapes and size.

The shapes and sizes of bullnose tile are unlimited using our tile profiling process.

Glazing and over-glazing:
We can over-glaze the tiles and freshen up their look to fit the market trends.

Custom modular cutting:
We offer cut to size starting 24″x36″ tile down to 24″x24″, 3″x24″, 6″×36″, 12″x12″, 6″x12″, 6″x6″, 6”x6”….and so on.